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FeaR up and running!

FeaR is up and running! We are the new and improved version of the old OpS clan. Its me the old Ldr, wolffe or as some of you may know me RaVeX. I am made this clan because while i was abscent from my clan for a few months due to a broken computer my clan, OpS fell into ruin. Members went inactive and once a great clan became a terrible clan with very few members. So, if you are interested in joining click apply and fill out an application that me or my officers will review and may accept you. But we have a list of rules to follow while in this clan.

1. No noobing
2. No multiclanning
3. No impersonating
4. Stay active
5. Be respectful of commanding officers
6. You must be active both on the site and in-game
7. Only officers of certain rank may recruite.
8. Finally, have fun.